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Agriculture in Uruguay (1908-2000): geographic localization and stylized facts

ISSNISSN/ISBN: 0797-5546
ISSNYear: 2015
AutorAuthor/s: Castro, Pablo, Willebald, Henry , Araujo, Micaela
EditorialEditorial: Revista de Economía, Segunda Época, Vol. 22, Nº 2. Montevideo, Noviembre 2015
Nº of PagesNº of Pages: 127-190
Consideration of history and territory as dimensions of economic development of countries and regions is a trait that is increasingly present in the analysis of long-term economic performance.
The main objective of this paper is to estimate Uruguayan agricultural gross value added (VAB by its Spanish abbreviation) by region in the long run. Estimates of the agricultural VAB by Department (19 administrative units) are presented, covering a century of Uruguayan history, and the main stylized facts that account for the territorial location of agricultural and livestock production in the long run are described.
The empirical strategy used in this paper is an indirect method that we call “Modified Geary-Stark”. This method makes it possible to use indicators of physical productivity in different sector, item by item, assuming that price spreads between regions are marginal.
Once long-run agricultural VAB are obtained, descriptive exercises allow us to find empirical regularities and sketch out some hypotheses about the evolution of the location of different agricultural activities in terms of productive structure and specialization.
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