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DIE 01/21 - La no adhesión a las AFAM-PE: un análisis con énfasis en los determinantes socioculturales y psicológicos

ISSNISSN/ISBN: 2301-1963
AutorAuthor/s: Ghazarian, Mariana
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In spite of the recent expansion of non-contributory social transfer programs in Latin America, the literature regarding the determinants of the participation of targeted households in this region is scarce. This document seeks to contribute with empirical evidence to the better understanding of the take-up of the Asignaciones Familiares del Plan de Equidad in Uruguay, emphasizing the psychological and sociocultural factors linked to the decision of participating in the program. I find that the determinants of take-up that are usually relevant in the reviewed literature maintain their expected effect, but those variables associated with subjective dimensions turn out to be statistically non-significant. I explore some reasons that may explain this result.
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