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DIE 02/21 - Estimación de las curvas de Engel para el gasto de los hogares uruguayos. Una comparación de las encuestas de gasto de los hogares entre 2005/06 y 2016/17.

ISSNISSN/ISBN: 2301-1963
AutorAuthor/s: González, Victoria
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This research assesses the structure of household expenditure in Uruguay and estimates expenditure elasticities for food and non-food goods, based on the official Household Income and Expenditure Surveys for the years 2005-2006 and 2016-2017. Engel curves are estimated for all households and by income quintiles using instrumental variable methods to correct for potential endogeneity in household expenditure. For the different groups of goods considered, OLS or Tobit models are estimated, depending on the degree of censoring. The proportion of spending allocated in food expenditure is consistent with Engel's Law between households and over time. Except for Housing, non-food items behave like luxury goods. Health and Communications were luxury goods in 2005-2006, whereas ten years later became necessity goods. Besides, statistically significant differences are observed in expenditure elasticities by income stratum and over time.
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