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DIE 03/16 - Efectos del centro educativo secundario en las trayectorias estudiantiles de FCEA. Una aplicación del análisis de supervivencia

AutorAuthor/s: Burone,Santiago ; Lado, María Andrea
Using microdata from cohorts of students who entered FCEA between the years 2002 and 2014, survival analysis is used with the aim of identify characteristics asociated to different students pathways. Different risk models are used following Scott and Kennedy (2005) and Arias and Dehon (2011), specially rewarding high school effects on the expected students pathways. The results show that once control variables are included, those students who have less probability of desertion are the ones who went to Montevideo Public High School Institutions, followed by the ones who went to Montevideo Private High School Institutions, the ones who did technological High School, the ones from Public High School not in Montevideo and the ones from Private High School not in Montevideo. The High School of procedence is it no significative to explain the completion of studies (getting a degree).
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