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DIE 03/21 - ¿Es el todo más que la suma de las partes? Los obstáculos a la innovación en las firmas uruguayas

ISSNISSN/ISBN: 2301-1963
AutorAuthor/s: Vidal Jaureguy, Micaela
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Innovation is critical for firms’ economic performance. However, a significant fraction of companies does not carry out innovation activities or make innovation sales. The design of successful public policies depends on an adequate understanding of innovation barriers and how they relate to each other. There is scarce empirical literature on this subject and results vary according to the context. This paper seeks to contribute to fulfill the existing knowledge gap and to generate evidence for the design of innovation policy in Uruguay. We apply the direct complementarity approach, based on Mohnen and Röller (2005) and Ballot et al. (2015), using data from the Uruguayan Innovation Survey 2006-2015. The evidence shows that financial barriers and the shortage of qualified workers are substitutes, while the latter and the shortage of opportunities for cooperation are complements, both in effort and in innovative performance. Therefore, it would be advisable to address the first pair of barriers by simultaneous policy instruments and the second pair with an instrument focused on one of those barriers.
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