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DIE 04/16 - Preferencias por la redistribución para el caso uruguayo: aproximación a través de movilidad social y percepciones

AutorAuthor/s: Melo, María Belén
These study principal aim is to contribute, and start the discussion about the determinants of the preferences for redistribution for the Uruguayan society, specially making emphasize on channels related to beliefs and perceptions. Firstly, after presenting a brief theoric discussion in which the classical model is explained, new theories are added. The aim is to prove whether for the Uruguayan case, these channels apply. The methodologic strategy adopted implies working with longitudinal data, “Estudio Longitudinal de Bienestar en Uruguay”, having been carried in 2004, 2006 and 2011/12. Estimations are based on POLS method. Hypothesis under analysis imply contrasting if the preferences for redistribution are explained, partly, by income, bias of income distribution, effective and perceived social mobility, and opinions about social justice. Results suggest that income, bias of income distribution and experienced social mobility between generations are the channels that predict what the theory predicts.
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