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DIE 05/22 - El capital social de las organizaciones de apoyo a la industria: un estudio de redes en el clúster del caucho y plástico en Montevideo y Canelones.

ISSNISSN/ISBN: 2301-1963
AutorAuthor/s: Pérez Fernández, Martín

This paper presents a construction and descriptive study of the network of organizations that support the cluster of rubber and plastic companies in Montevideo and Canelones. The data was obtained from a series of interviews carried out through field work in the year 2022. Elements belonging to the theory of network analysis and social capital were applied for the construction and understanding of the dynamics and properties of the network. The evidence shows the important role played by the Centro Tecnológico del Plástico (CTplas) in the realization and coordination of activities between organizations in support of the cluster companies. However, the analysis also reveals a high degree of dependence of the network on CTplas, which could mark a future weakness for the network.

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