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DIE 06/19 - A normative analysis of direct cash transfer policies in Uruguay: Family Allowances of Equity Plan and Social Uruguay Card

ISSNISSN/ISBN: 2301-1963
AutorAuthor/s: Oviedo, Romina

The present study is a normative analysis that reaches to identify the conceptions of distributive justice reconstructed from the design of the current Uruguayan Cash transfer programs: Family Allowances of Equity Plan (AFAM – PE) and Social Uruguay Card (TUS). The analysis of each one of these policies will be formulated separately through the same methodology. These methodology is based on the reconstruction and interpretation of four key criteria from the policy design and his comparison with the same implicit criteria from each one of the five distributive justice conceptions considered in the present research (Libertarianism, Utilitarism, Egalitarian liberalism proposed by Rawls, Capability Approach proposed by Sen and the theory of equal opportunity by Roemer). The study found that the normative criteria of AFAM – PE is most aligned with the theory of capability approach proposed by Sen while TUS is most aligned with the theory of egalitarian liberalism proposed by Rawls. The present research intends to contribute to the debate on Uruguayan social programs from an infrequent perspective in the academic field due to his normative character, allowing to expand the knowledge of these programs.

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