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DT 03/10 - Economic development in the north-east of Uruguay: rural-urban relationships and productive organization.

ISSNISSN/ISBN: 1688-5090
Within a conceptual frame of territorial endogenous development, it shows an explanation of the economic development in the North-East of Uruguay. In order to analyze the economic activities in the territory three important dimensions are pointed out: innovative and competitive dynamics; the economic relations within sectors and enterprises in the local economy; and the rural-urban relationships. About 80 interviews to local actors were made, and other available data and surveys were processed. The results show that the rural-urban relationships are the key to understand the economy in this region. Nevertheless, the local economy presents a fragmented development: a majority of low competitiveness sectors with scarce aptitude to generate economic local interrelationships, and some competitive sectors but that work disconnected of the rest of the local economy. Finally, the way for a posible transformation is discussed for this region, as well as some conditions that must accompany this process.
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