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DT 06/17 - Regional industrial characterization of Uruguay

ISSNISSN/ISBN: 1510-9305
AutorAuthor/s: Rodríguez Miranda, Adrián , Florencia Beder
Nº of PagesNº of Pages: 81
This working paper presents the main results of the project "Mapping at Municipal level of the industries of more than 5 employees in Uruguay". We geographically referenced industrial plants throughout the country, complementing it with socio-demographic and economic information, thus offering an overview of the different territorial profiles where industrial production is located in Uruguay. The industrial characterization was carried out in several territorial scales: department (province), locality and municipality. The analysis at the subdepartmental level is deepened especially in the departments with greater industrial development. The results are descriptive and meet the objective of making available new information that allows quantifying the participation of different regions and territories in national industrial activity. The analysis reveals important structural differences between regions and territories, opening up possibilities for reflecting on a research agenda on the development of the industry from a regional perspective. This is a significant contribution to understand the current state of the distribution of industry in national territory and the different regional production profiles.
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