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DT 07/11 - Development of entrepreneurship capabilities. A methodology for microentrepreneurs.

ISSNISSN/ISBN: 1688-5090
AutorAuthor/s: Rodríguez Miranda, Adrián , Sbrocca, Fiorella; Fernández Pavlovich, Marcelo; Assandri, Carla
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Nº of PagesNº of Pages: 18
This article aims to present and disseminate the work done in a research funded by the Sectoral Commission for Scientific Research (CSIC, Universidad de la República), which developed a methodology to support micro entrepreneurs at the Local Development Center of North Carrasco in Montevideo. The research developed a methodology of work for the technical teams of the institutions that promote entrepreneurship in populations with social vulnerability characteristics, with the objective of promoting capabilities on potential entrepreneurs in order to be protagonists in the construction of their own future as a space of freedom and empowerment. This required the construction of a conceptual framework for a comprehensive approach to the problem, considering: economic-productive subjects; motivations, desires and needs of the potential entrepreneurs; the environment; capacity building; prospective analysis; and the production of subjectivity as an individual and collective process that affects the link between the entrepreneur, its environment and the workplace. Then, this article presents the main issues related to the conceptual development involved in the methodology, as a result of an interdisciplinary approach. Details of how the methodology is implemented in practice can be read in a manual (which is the main product of the research) that has been recently published.
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