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DT 09/12 - Unemployment insurance design and its effects: evidence from the Uruguayan case

ISSNISSN/ISBN: 1510-9305 / 1688-5090
AutorAutor/es: Arim, Rodrigo , Dean, Andrés , Amarante, Verónica
Nº de PáginasNº de Páginas: 35
Abundant empirical evidence both for developed and developing countries finds that the design of the unemployment insurance program may have important consequences on labor market outcomes. In particular, the design of UI system can affect both unemployment duration and employment outcomes. Recent changes in the design of the Uruguayan UI have implied modifications that may alter various labor market outcomes. In particular, we assess the impacts of the following modifications: the duration of UI was reduced from six to four months in the case of temporary laid off workers (suspension); the scheme of payments was changed for permanent laid off workers (job loss). Instead of a lump sum during six months, a decreasing scheme of payments was installed; and the duration of the UI can be extended up to one year for workers 50 or older.
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