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DT 13/14 - Análisis de potencialidades para el desarrollo local. Un método aplicado a regiones de Uruguay para priorizar recursos

ISSNISSN/ISBN: 1688-5090
AutorAuthor/s: Rodríguez Miranda, Adrián , Barrenechea, Pedro; Troncoso, Carlos
Nº of PagesNº of Pages: 33
Working with the ART Local Development Program of UNDP in Uruguay, trying to promote the
productive resources available to local economies in terms of endogenous development, we
developed a methodology applied to fifteen regions in the country. The methodology provide an
overall view of the resources of a region and its contribution to development objectives. A
multidimensional and integral approach of development is assumed (Sen, 2000; Brundtland
Report, 1987). Moreover, development is understood from a territorial and endogenous
perspective (Rodriguez Miranda, 2006). It refers to an economic, political and social project for
the region, for what is fundamental the role and prominence of local actors and organizations.
The methodology follows a series of stages. First, to identify, systematize and analyze
socioeconomic resources (production and service sectors). Second, to define regional
development objectives, using the prioritization matrix to choose the actions to further
contribute to the objectives. While with the constraint matrix is identified the actions needed to
eliminate obstacles and promote local development process. These tools were applied in
Uruguay between 2007 and 2010. The article focuses on two cases, the departments of Cerro
Largo and Paysandú, as a way to show the potential of the tools to facilitate a process of
planning and action for local development. Finally, some concluding remarks on the
methodology are presented.
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