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DT 15/17 - Evaluación de impacto del programa de acompañamiento familiar Uruguay Crece Contigo

We present an experimental evaluation of Acompañamiento Familiar y Trabajo de Cercanía, the home visits component of the programme Uruguay Crece Contigo. We assess a wide set of outcomes related to child health and nutritional status, child development, access to social protection schemes and other household well-being outcomes. Our research is based on two surveys specially designed to carry out this evaluation. We find a significant improvement in the nutritional status of children and access to an in-kind transfer, Tarjeta Uruguay Social, in the form of a food card. At the same time, we also find an improvement in child development, specifically in the gross motor component of ASQ:SE. The potential channels explaining these results include home visits, access to resources, increased attendance to child care, changes in parenting styles as well as reduced maternal depression.  

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