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DT 26/19 - El cooperativismo agrario y su potencial para el desarrollo territorial en Uruguay

The aim of this working paper is to begin to explore the relationship between agricultural cooperativism and territorial development in Uruguay. With this goal, in the first place, a theoretical presentation is made on the characteristics of the territorial development approach, highlighting the coincidences with cooperativism. In turn, it focuses on the category of endogenous development as the main link between the two concepts. Based on the above, it is argued that cooperativism has great potential to contribute to territorial development strategies that generate economic value, social development and local appropriation of wealth. Subsequently, a synthesis of the main milestones of the cooperative movement in Uruguay is presented. Then, the case of agricultural cooperativism in Uruguay is analyzed in more detail. First, the characteristics of the rural environment related to agricultural production and farmers are presented. Then, in that context, the evolution of agricultural cooperativism is analyzed, from its origins to the present moment. Special attention is given to the relationship with development processes and the challenges faced by the rural environment and small farmers. Finally, some conclusions are made about the potential of agricultural cooperativism to promote territorial development in Uruguay.
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