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DT 29/21 - Research networks and publications in Economics. Evidence from a small developing country

ISSNISSN/ISBN: 1688-5090
AutorAuthor/s: Amarante, Verónica , Rodríguez, Mariana, Bucheli, Marisa

This article addresses the relationship between international research collaboration and the performance of researchers through the focus on a specific discipline -Economics- in a small developing country -Uruguay-. We map the collaboration between Uruguayan economists and non-local researchers and analyze the correlation between these collaborations and scholars’ achievements, as reflected by the quality of the publications included in Scopus-Elsevier. Our results confirm the positive and significant association between research collaboration and research output. Researchers from a developing country involved in international collaborations get a higher impact or quality of their research, but this result holds only when international collaborations involve researchers located in northern countries.

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