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DT 31/21 - Efectos dinámicos de los empleos de baja remuneración en Uruguay

ISSNISSN/ISBN: 1688-5090
AutorAuthor/s: Carrasco, Paula
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This paper aims to analyze the effects of low-paying jobs on the occupational trajectories of Uruguayan workers in the period 1997-2015. The main interest is the identification of the dependence state, determining its relevance and heterogeneity according to sex and sub-period, also analyzing the link between a low-paid job and the drop out from formal employment. I estimate a logistic multinomial dynamic model with random effects and find true state dependence in low pay jobs, more relevant for women and in the last subperiod (2005 -2015) where the national minimum wage and formality in employment increased. Likewise, the results do not allow us to affirm that there is a circle of dependency between low-paid work-no formal work, nor that low-paid jobs operate as a springboard for access to higher-quality jobs.

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