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Ethics, Justice and Economics

The objective of the group is to analyze normative aspects of approaches to justice. Our research activities are carried out within the framework of an interdisciplinary team at the Universidad de la República, whose members work in the Philosophy Department and the IECON.

In 2013-2014 our primary activity will be to continue to advance the CSIC financed project Justice and Social Policies: the extent of social pathologies. This investigation attempts to identify social pathologies in order that their potential effects can be considered in the design and implementation of policies directed at expanding people’s autonomy and liberty.

During this period the research team at the IECON will complete a systematic review of the effects that public transfers have on social solidarity. The purpose is to discern whether solidarity is undermined, encourages or not affected by transfers. At the same time, aspects related to alienating elements that may reduce diversity as a consequence of cultural reproduction, socialization and social integration (colonization of the life-world) are studied through an analysis of the effects of the conditions associated with some transfer programs. In addition, we hope to advance with the study of consumerism through an analysis of data from a survey specifically designed for this purpose.

Finally, some members of the group will work on the interdisciplinary project Dimensions of Development. A process of consultation and informed deliberation will be carried out in order to learn what dimensions are relevant for people, groups and organized actors when they think about the society in which they would like to live. It is hoped that this project will provide inputs for evaluating development policies.


  Recent publications in the area
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