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Keynote Speakers

Keynote Speakers
                                                 John Pencavel                                            Louis Putterman


The choice of working hours in cooperatives.
John Pencavel

The determination of the length of working hours in worker co-ops has been a neglected topic of research in the literature on the activities of democratic firms.  We present a simple approach to investigating this topic and some preliminary estimates using observations on the plywood co-ops in the Pacific Northwest.  Lessons from this exercise are drawn.
Democracy, collective action, and behavioral disposition in polity, society and workplace.
Louis Putterman

Many explanations of why hierarchical, capital-controlled forms of enterprise outnumber democratic, worker-controlled forms involve problems of democracy and collective action.  If the traditional economic depiction of human nature as strictly self-interested is accurate, such problems should be unsolvable not only in enterprises but also in organizations of other kinds and scales, including the state itself.  I consider research on preferences and behaviors relating to fairness, reciprocity, and collective action, and discuss their relevance to democracy and equality on macro and smaller scales, including the problem of the democratic state and the possibility of democratic enterprise.

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