Research Teams

Labor Economics


The group’s main objective is to analyze the state and dynamics of the primary labor market variables, as well as to explore certain topics, such as the links between gender and labor market participation, the evaluation of policies that affect the labor market and the impact of different labor market institutions. The iecon has a long tradition of carrying out labor market studies, and therefore has an extensive accumulation of work in regard to this topic from diverse theoretical perspectives, using both macro and microeconomic approaches.

Concretely, the research projects being carried out focus on: labor supply decisions and informality within the home; active employment policies; the impact of social assistance programs on different variables, particularly on informality; worker participation, labor unions and firm performance; the effects of the minimum wage on employment; and labor costs, dual labor markets and asymmetric shocks.

In addition, the Labor Economics group is in charge of the undergraduate course of the same name at the FCEyA.


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