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Long-run capital accumulation in Uruguay, 1870-2011

ISSNISSN/ISBN: 1698-6989
ISSNYear: 2015
EditorialEditorial: Investigaciones de Historia Económica - Economic History Research. Vol. 11. Núm. 01. Febrero 2015
In Uruguay, the efforts to reconstruct national historical statistics have focused on the production side(productive activities) providing confident estimations for a very long period, since 1870. However, little attention has being given to the demand components. Although some sporadic efforts have been made,systematic information of the expenditure components can only be found since 1955, published by theofficial national accounts system. This article aims at fulfilling this gap and brings a new historical series of gross fixed investment, at current and constant prices, for the period 1870-1955 which are consistentwith the information available from national accounts. In addition, new long-term series of gross capitalstock, inventory investment, and capital prices are also provided. The sources and methodology are carefully detailed. To validate the estimations, the trajectories of the series are discussed within the national historical context, and comparisons with other variables are offered.
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Long-run capital accumulation in Uruguay, 1870-2011
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