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Natural resources, environmental and agricultural economics

  Recent publications in the area
Author/s: Piaggio, Matías ; Román, Carolina ; Padilla, Emilio
Date: 2017
Number: 65
The long-term relationship between carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from energy use and economic activity level is estimated for Uruguay between 1882 and 2010.
Type of Publication : Working Papers
Author/s: Carriquiry, Miguel; M. A., Du, X., G. R. Timilsina
Type of Publication : Book Chapters
Date: 2014
The production cost of biofuels is a major determinant of their potential contribution as alternative sources of energy. This chapter provides a review of the literature on production costs of first and second generation biofuels, including a breakdown of their main components. In the process we highlight some of the resasons behind the widely divergent cost estimates that have been published.
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