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Poverty and Inequality

Poverty and Inequality
The group’s interests center on inequality and poverty. At present, the main research topics are: a) poverty and income inequality, and their determinants; b) multidimensional well-being; c) socioeconomic mobility and equality of opportunities; d) redistributive policies and preferences for redistribution. These areas of research are supported by various projects currently being carried out and by the doctoral research of several of the group’s members. Area a) works on maintaining the Uruguayan household surveys (Encuestas Continuas de Hogares, ECH) compatibilized databases and on exploring new data sources that allow for the analysis of labor and capital incomes (i.e tax-records). Area b) focuses on a research project currently underway that focuses on child well-being, on the elaboration of a longitudinal early childhood development module for the ECH and on the impact evaluation of “Uruguay Crece Contigo” and “Cercanias (Ministry of Social Development, MIDES)’’. Area c) is centered on the intergenerational determination of opportunities and aspirations. Lastly, area d) is mainly devoted to the evaluation of the program “Family Assignations – Equity Plan”, being carried out through a technical cooperation agreement with MIDES.

The group is in charge of a course on Topics in Income Distribution (Economics Masters, FCEyA) and a course on the Construction of Social Indicators (Demography Masters, FCS). In the second semester of 2014 we will start offering course on Income Inequality for students in the Undergraduate Degree in Economics, FCEA.



  Recent publications in the area
Author/s: Vigorito, Andrea ; Bucheli, Marisa
Type of Publication : Working Papers
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