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Regional integration and technology diffusion

The case of Uruguay
ISSNISSN/ISBN: 0963-8199
ISSNAño: 2011
EditorialEditorial: The Journal of International Trade & Economic Development: An International and Comparative Review
We examine the impact of trade-related R&D spillovers from the country's partners in the MERCOSUR as well as from the European Union and NAFTA blocs and the rest of the world on total factor productivity for the Uruguayan case at the industry level, for the period 1988–95. Furthermore, we analyse the impact of domestic R&D in Uruguay. There is an evidence of trade-related technology diffusion from MERCOSUR partners to Uruguay, although domestic R&D has apositive impact on productivity. Thus, policies aimed to promote domestic R&D and decreasing trade barriers could enhance Uruguayan manufacturing productivity.
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Regional integration and technology diffusion: The case of Uruguay

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