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Seminar: Italian Migration to the United States: The Role of Migrant Networks

Seminar IECON 
Matías Brum (IECON)
"Italian Migration to the United States: The Role of Migrant Networks"

This paper investigates the effect of network size on literacy levels of Italian migrants to the US at the turn of the twentieth century. The paper uses new ship manifest micro data and exploits cross-sectional variation in the size of migrant stock across municipalities of origin. Results show that increased migrant network size by municipality of origin is associated with a reduction in literacy for later migrants from the same municipalities. Instrumental variables are used to asses measurement error problems. Larger network size is also associated with lower immigrant age, and a higher proportion of women and agricultural workers in migratory flows. Results are consistent with theoretical models underlying decreasing migration costs by skill, but alternative explanations cannot be ruled out given persistent endogeneity concerns. 

Tuesday 6/3/2018
12 hs, salón Multifuncional
Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y de Administración
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