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Seminario IECON: "Intergenerational transmission of teen childbearing in Latin America"

Presenta Matilde Machado (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid) en coautoria con Ricardo Mora y Karen Olivo.

High prevalence of teenage childbearing is a persistent phenomenon in Latin America and the Caribbean. Using DHS data for six countries in the region, we estimate the relation between a mother's teenage childbearing and that of her daughter's. Our results show that restricting the estimating sample to mother-daughter matches in the data leads to large negative selection bias in the estimated effect because missing matches are non-random and affected by the teen childbearing status of mothers and daughters. We deal with this selection bias by Maximum Likelihood estimation developing a methodology that uses all available data, including incomplete mother-daughter pairs, and allows for missing matches to be endogenous. Our preferred specification shows that being the daughter of a teen mother increases the chances of being a teen mother between 8.7 and 26.2 percentage points (or 61 and 172%).

Martes 10/5/2022
12 a 13 hs.
Zoom: ID de la reunión: 864 4064 1118. 
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