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Seminario IECON: "Intra-household allocations with public goods: A new source of gender inequality"

Presenta Mery Ferrando (IECON y CORE - Université catholique de Louvain)
"Intra-household allocations with public goods: A new source of gender inequality "

This paper focuses on the consequences in terms of poverty and inequality of allowing individual marginal willingness to pay for joint consumption to differ, by treating it as a public good. I provide a flexible parametric estimation of a collective model with both private and public goods, which is estimated on a new dataset of Belgian households with detailed information on individual private and public consumption. Results show that this modeling approach significantly affects the evaluation of individual income. Given the significant lower marginal willingness to pay for the public good among women, their valuation of income is significantly lower than in an alternative approach. This translates into a higher level of poverty, especially among women, and significantly higher inequality relative to a model with equal shadow prices.

Martes 26/6/2018
12 hs, salón Multifuncional
Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y de Administración

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