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Seminario IECON: "Screening and Recruiting Talent At Teacher Colleges Using Pre-College Academic Achievement"

Presenta Sebastián Gallegos (Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez) en coautoria con Christopher Neilson, Franco Calle y Mohit Karnani.

This paper studies screening and recruiting policies that restrict or incentivize entry to teacher-colleges. Using historical records of college entrance exam scores since 1967 and linking them to administrative data on the population of teachers in Chile, we first document a robust positive and concave relationship between pre- college academic achievement and several short and long run measures of teacher productivity. We use an RD design to evaluate two recent policies that increased the share of high-scoring students studying to become teachers. We then show how data-driven algorithms and administrative data can enhance similar teacher screening and recruiting policies.

Martes 26/4/2022
12 a 13 hs.
Zoom: ID de la reunión: 864 4064 1118. 
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