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Seminario IECON: "The Role of Gender in Academic Seminar Interactions: A Machine Learning Approach"

Presenta Mateo Seré (University of Antwerp)

Recent research has highlighted an unequal treatment of women in academic economics. This paper focuses on economic seminars and the effect of being a female presenter. For that I collected a database of more than 2,000 audio recordings of seminars and presentations in academic settings. Making use of different machine learning algorithms I construct a "diarisation" of each seminar identifying, among others, the interruptions that a presenter has and the gender of all the speakers at that seminar. I find evidence supporting this unequal treatment received by women. On average they receive between 1 and 2 more interruptions per presentation. In addition the interruption arrives earlier on the presentation and they take a longer time than the ones received by males presenters. Interestingly, I also find evidence supporting the fact that an important part of those extra interruptions received by female presenters are driven by females in the audience. The results are robust when I control by affiliation and seniority of the presenter, ranking of the department to which the speaker belongs and topic of the presentation.

Martes 9/8/2022
12 a 13 hs.
Salón 3 Edificio de Investigación y Posgrado (EIP) FCEA, Lauro Müller 1921
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