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Seminario: Starting from fresh starts: old, new and economically relevant definitions of populism

Seminario a cargo de Andrés Rius y Felipe Berrutti

Comenta: Sabrina Siniscalchi

Martes 27 de Diciembre
Hora 15, Sala de reuniones del IECON
Requena 1375

A few weeks before the last presidential election in the United States, something touched a nerve and President Obama felt compelled to make public his views on the populist standing of the leading contender, Mr. Donald Trump.That such unlikely political figure is caught connecting with some of the varied populist themes and stylesduring an extensive passage of the interview is a manifestation of the power of a concept that resists being fully accounted for by any simple analysis. Our presentation makes an argument in four parts: (1) populism is everywhere, (2) populism matters, (3) populism matters for economics, (4) economic studies of populism have brought us more heat than light and are unmistakingly ideologically biased. We take these to mean that there is an opportunity for a renovated research agenda and provide some hints on how it would look like (concluding in section 5). The backbone of the presentation is a thorough literature review that provides support for the four claims just listed; partly enriched by some methodologial observations on concepts, conceptualizations and measurement. For the seminar, and with strong warnings, there will be a short paper and a slides presentation.  
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